TRUE SaaS Transportation Management System


In today’s volatile market, managing transportation is a key factor

for a more efficient and cohesive supply chain. Many companies still use manual methods to manage freight with no way to measure service or performance. With faxes, spreadsheets and phones, transportation departments are prone to duplicated efforts, human error, loss and most importantly, lack of visibility in transportation processes. Then there are companies bound to installed/hosted legacy systems which limit the flexibility and visibility necessary for end-to-end management.
With limited metrics and no best practices, companies struggle to improve services and reduce costs. Additionally, installed/hosted systems require an in-house IT staff and costly upgrades, versions and new installations.

Shippers are looking for ways to improve service while containing costs in the current economic environment

With fuel fluctuations and lack of carrier capacity in the market, shippers need to address challenges, such as high volume and velocity as well as lack of a distribution network, proactively in order maintain service levels without affecting the bottom line.

Carrier capacity and fluctuating fuel prices continue to affect transportation management

Without visibility into transportation processes, companies are forced to utilize more LTL (less-than-truckload) than TL (truckload) resulting in higher costs per mile, more empty miles and an increase in carbon emissions. From Hours of Service (HOS) regulations to driver recruitment to trucking equipment requirements, companies need access to a large carrier network in order to remain profitable.

Additionally, as more and more companies expand overseas and offshore, multi-country compliance is quickly becoming a challenging factor of transportation globalization

Along with domestic carrier compliance, shippers must manage international government requirements and global customer requirements. SaaS-based transportation technology enables companies to access a large multi-modal network through a web-based tool to handle the complexity of global or domestic transportation management.

Solution;  With On-Demand TMS®, a true SaaS transportation management system, all facets of the supply chain work collaboratively in a single instance of technology. On-Demand TMS delivers complete transportation planning, execution, settlement and procurement, as well as transportation visibility and business intelligence, to improve transportation processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs. On-Demand TMS enables shippers to scale infrastructure and business processes while gaining efficiencies to improve service offerings. Also, with access to multiple parties on a common platform and collaborative opportunities within a community environment, companies gain access to carrier capacity. Furthermore, the global capabilities of On-Demand TMS ensure compliance by providing complete supply chain visibility and access to industry data to meet multi-regional regulations and guidelines.

Results;  LeanLogistics provides technologies that are easily web accessible, robust in nature while leveraging data across a common transportation platform. On-Demand TMS provides the supply chain industry’s leading true SaaS transportation management technology. From functionality to infrastructure to platform, On-Demand TMS implementations are quick and provide fast value. Furthermore, access to the LeanLogistics Transportation Network enables complete management of transportation processes through collaboration, visibility and scalable technology. Traditional installed software is built with single user architecture in mind, that doesn’t provide visibility, centralized control or offer the collaborative benefits of a true SaaS platform. Therefore, true SaaS models, like On-Demand TMS, are becoming the growing preference among industry experts and transportation professionals.

Customer Quote
“Once we gained visibility and could see where and when the trucks were delayed, we reduced dwell time and detention cost by eighty percent in the first year alone. We were previously at fifty-five to sixty thousand dollars average and reduced it down to about eight thousand dollars a month, which is a substantial decrease for us.” Transportation Manager, Dannon.

  With OnDemand TMS® companies can:

  • Provide visibility across the entire LeanLogistics Transportation Network
  • Receive quicker ROI with a self-funded tool; typical payback within 6-9 months
  • Access real-time data through one single SaaS solution
  • Improve overall supply chain management in a collaborative environment
  • Possess a primary benchmark for supply chain technology
  • Centralize control to manage transportation for the entire transportation process
  • Scale infrastructure and quickly adapt technology based on changing business needs
  • Enable multiple parties to leverage technologies through a common platform

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